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Finned Oil Lines

For Porsche 911

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If your 911 oil runs hot or you need replacement lines, Elephant Racing has a great solution.

Our proprietary design finned oil lines directly replace the factory lines that connect the external thermostat to the front fender mounted oil cooler.

No more partial oil changes. Built-in valve lets you evacuate the oil cooler and lines using compressed air. A quick blast forces dirty oil from the lines and cooler into the oil tank. Removes 1-2 quarts the engine and tank drain plugs leave behind.Elephant Racing oil line cutaway

As shown in the cutaway, cooling fins are formed directly on the oil lines. The fins yield a four-fold increase in heat-dissipating surface area. The combined length of two lines is about 17 feet and with fins they become a giant oil cooler.

A true bolt-in replacement that connects directly to the factory fittings, they can be used in combination with factory or aftermarket fender and valance mounted coolers.

Elephant Racing oil lines are a simple, no compromise way to bring temperatures down.

"240° F is hot, 250° F is too damn hot" - Bruce Anderson

  • • Substantial temperature reduction
  • Purge valve clears dirty oil from system
  • • Easy bolt-on installation
  • • No duct work, sits in air stream under car
  • • Stock appearance
  • • Light weight
  • • UPS shippable in our custom packaging

Brass construction for corrosion resistance and full-flow high-quality fittings make Elephant Racing oil lines the choice solution. The lines are formed perfectly - just like OEM.

Can be used on all 1965 to 1989 911s. Use with 1974-1989 style factory external thermostat.

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Finned Oil Lines

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Return Side Only, Finned Oil Lines


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