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ASP™ Adjustable Spring Plate

For Porsche 911 / 912 / 930 '69-'89

ASP - Adjustable Spring Plate

More Grip, Better Tire Contact Patch

Updates the rear suspension camber curve to meet the needs of modern, wide, low-profile radial tires. The result is superior grip in turns, superior grip in straight-line braking, reduced tire wear. Excellent for both street and track.

  • • Improved contact patch in turns
  • • Improved contact patch for straight-line braking
  • • Go street-to-track with one camber setting
  • • Reduced tire wear
  • • Reduced camber thrust/rolling resistance

ASP Makes The Tire Gain Camber Faster. 

As the suspension compresses in turns, countering the effects of body roll and matching the needs of modern radial tires. The tire remains square with the road surface and the contact patch is improved. Grip increases.

With the ASP '69-'89 911s can now achieve modern suspension performance.


ASP with QuickChange Splined Hub and PolyBronze

ASP Adjuster

ASP double-adjuster detail

ASP Animation

ASP Kinematics

Part No.OEM EquivalentFitConfiguration
2142100'69 - '89

How Does It Work?

The 911 suspension was designed in the early 1960s for narrow, high-profile, bias ply tires of the day. '60s bias ply tires did not need or like a lot of negative camber.

Fast forward 50+ years to 2013 - tire technology has progressed - we run wide, low-profile, radial tires. Modern tires need a lot of negative camber to grip well. No surprise, the 911 suspension designed nearly 50 years ago doesn't match the needs of modern tires!

All modern Porsches are designed with aggressive camber curves matching radial tires needs beginning with the 1990 911(964) and continuing through the current models. The ASP updates the early 911 suspension to similarly perform with modern radial tires.

The core problem is illustrated by the stock blue 911 pictured, the tires follow the lean of the car in the turn - causing poor contact as the tires roll over onto the outside edge. The rate of camber gain is too slow, grip suffers.

Porsche Camber Gain

Stock suspension problem, not enough camber gain

Easy To Setup Toe And Camber Independantly.

Replaces the troublesome stock eccentric adjusters with simple double-adjusters.

ASP allows adjustment with vehicle weight resting on the tires making it easy to read a camber / toe gauge while turning the adjusters. Quick changes can be made trackside even if a camber gauge is not available.

  • • Upper and lower double-adjusters
  • • Rotate same direction to set toe
  • • Rotate opposite direction to set static camber

Replaces stock '69-'89 spring plate blade and spring plate cover. Bolt on - no welding required, works with torsion bars or coilovers. Use with any standard size bushing - not included - PolyBronze recommended. Requires the splined hub portion from a set of factory adjustable spring plates or the QuickChange Spring Plate splined hub. Download instructions for more information.

Note - Some images show the ASP Pictured with optionally available QuickChange Splined Hub and PolyBronze Bearings. Trailing arm is not included and is shown for reference only.

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ASP Adjustable Spring Plate


'69-'89 911/912, '75-'87 930

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