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PolyBronze™ Bearings

For Porsche 914

PolyBronze Bearings

Want to experience precision driving, faster lap times, improved road feel and feedback?

Our patented PolyBronze suspension bearings set a new standard for performance, ride quality and ease-of-installation. Regular polyurethane/plastic suspension bushings are obsolete!

PolyBronze is a precision bronze bearing encased in a polyurethane jacket. The combination delivers a smooth-ride with the extreme performance of a metal bearing.

  • • No Squeaks
  • • Smooth ride quality
  • • Easy installation
  • • Integral Grease fittings and grooves

Protected by US Patent 7,325,796

Porsche 914 PolyBronze Control Arm Bearings

"I had absolutely no issues with installing the bushings or installing the control arm. Everything went back perfect. I will have no problem buying more products from Elephant Racing knowing that they will go on easily." Warren W. - 914 PolyBronze Bearings


PolyBronze bearings are superior to plastic bushing alternatives, here's why

Suspension mounts are coarse sheet metal pressings. They tend to be out-of-round and have irregularities that deform ordinary polyurethane bushings, pinching and binding the friction surface. Polyurethane is "grippy" with an inherently high coefficient of friction and combined with pinching polyurethane bushings create a lot of friction. The result is a harsh ride and reduced tire adhesion.

Porsche 914 Bushings & Bearings

"I was very impressed with the quality of the product, the instructions, the packaging and the delivery time to Australia. Will definately be coming back for more! " Henry G., Australia - 914 PolyBronze Bearings


PolyBronze have a rigid bronze bearing core that does not deform. The polyurethane jacket absorbs mount irregularities while the bronze inner bearing remains true, providing a free-moving machined-fit that rides on a precision race. Provided grease fittings make re-lubrication a breeze and a figure 8 groove keeps grease in place.

The combination delivers zero squeaks and friction-free suspension movement. Well suited to street or track, ride quality.

PolyBronze Control Arm Bearings

PolyBronze Bearings - Front Control Arm

Control Arm Bearings

PolyBronze Bearings - Front Control Arm Diagram

Control Arm Diagram

Part No.OEM EquivalentFitConfiguration
2051500'69 - '76Front

PolyBronze Trailing Arm Bearings

PolyBronze Bearings - Rear Spring Plate

Trailing Arm Bearings

PolyBronze Bearings - Rear Spring Plate Diagram

Trailing Arm Bearings Diagram

Part No.OEM EquivalentFitConfiguration
2400800'69 - '76Rear

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PolyBronze Bearings

Control Arm Bearings


'68-'89 914, 1 kit per car

Trailing Arm Bearings


Banana Arm bearings (rear of car), includes shafts, pair

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65-89 911/912/914/930 per pair


For '68-'89 911 Series and 914

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