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Solid Subframe Bushings

For Porsche 993

Solid Subframe Bushings For Porsche 993

Precision Handling

Stock rubber bushings compress and deform under heavy cornering, braking, and acceleration loads. The compliant rubber bushings allow the entire rear subframe shift about relative to the chassis. Rear camber and toe settings wander along with the subframe making the car less predictable, less stable in turns.

Our solid bushings replace the compliant rubber and do not deform under cornering loads, keeping the subframe in position and alignment true even under heavy cornering loads. The car becomes more predictable and easier to drive fast.

Build Quality.

Each bushing consists of two pieces... identical upper and lower pucks..

Each piece is precision machined from high-strength aluminum with an anodized finish for protection.

The kit includes 8 pieces for a total of 4 bushings, order 1 kit per car.


Solid subfream puck bushing For Porsche 993

Part No. OEM Equivalent Fit Configuration
2290037 '95 - '98 Rear Subframe


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Solid Subframe Bushings

Rear Solid Subframe Bushings, one kit


'95-'98 993, Qty 8 pcs, order one kit per car.

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