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QuickChange™ Camber Plate

For Porsche 914

Quick Change Camber Plate

Make Quick Camber Changes, independent of caster

A bolt-in camber plate that allows easy camber adjustment, independent of caster. Indices allow adjustment without a camber gauge. Change camber track-side based on tire temp information, or switch between street and track settings easily.

  • • +/- 1.25 degrees added range
  • • Adjust camber independent of caster
  • • Make track-side camber changes
  • • Adjust without a gauge
  • • Completely bolt on

QuickChange for camber flexibility

Quickchange Camber Plate ArticulatingLoosening the large center nut allows camber to be changed quickly. Built-in indices allow accurate positioning without using a camber gauge. The included safety snap ring prevents the nut from coming off in the event it is not properly torqued.

Camber Plate Box DiagramYou can easily maintain separate street and track camber settings, or quickly make track-side adjustments based on tire temperature.

The included monoball is oversized for long life and provides free, non-binding movement while precisely positioning the strut top.

Works great with torsion bar and coilover equipped cars.

Koni and Boge inserts will require the Koni/Boge adaptor kit sold seperately. Von and Bilstein inserts do not require the adaptor kit.

Quick Change Camber Plate - Back


QuickChange Camber Plates can be fit to '66-'89 911/912/930 and 914 cars. May be used with Von, Bilstein, Koni, Boge, and other brand inserts.

Koni and Boge strut inserts must use the Koni/Boge insert adaptor, available separately – Elephant Racing part number 2152203 (may also work with other brands) .

Von and Bilstein inserts must NOT USE the Koni/Boge insert adaptor. No adaptor is used with Von and Bilstein inserts.

QuickChange Camber Plates may be used with coil over conversions. To use with coil over kits with Von or Bilstein inserts, you must use Elephant Racing Extended Length Upper Spring Perches for QuickChange camber plate part number 2280902. To use with coil over kits with other brands of inserts, use Elephant Racing Extended Length Upper Spring Perches part number 2280904.

DO NOT install the strut-top dust covers (metal “cans” at the top of the strut). You may optionally install rubber bellows to provide dust protection, available separately.

Part No.OEM EquivalentFitConfiguration
2152200'69 - '76

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QuickChange Camber Plate

QuickChange Camber Plates - Sold as Pair


'66-'89 911/912/930 914, see note for fitment

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'66-'89 911/912/930 914, see note for fitment

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