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Coilover Hardware

For Porsche 914

Individual parts to build your custom kit

If you need to build a complete coilover kit, use our coilover kits or coilover sleeve conversion kits. Or you can order individual part from this page.

Extended Length Front Strut upper perches

Coilover springs increase the diameter of front struts, often contacting the chassis such that the spring diameter limits the available camber adjustment range.

These extended-length upper spring perches solve the problem by moving the spring down where it won't contact the chassis.

Some cars can get over a degree of added camber adjustment range.

They also act as a dust cover to help keep the wiper seal clean and long-lived.

Extended-length perches are available for 2.25" springs. You can add a 2.25" to 2.5" adaptor to use with 2.5" springs.

Available with a 26mm ID for use only with QuickChange camber plates and with a 16mm ID for use with conventional camber plates.

Front Coil Over SpringPerch

Extended Length Rear upper perches

Coilover springs do not fit into the top of the tapered chassis cavities where the rear shocks mount.

These extended-length upper spring perches solve the problem by moving the spring down where it doesn't contact the chassis.

The perches are available for 2.25" springs. Or you can add a 2.25" to 2.5" adaptor to use 2.5" springs.

They have a 14mm ID to fit Von shocks, Bilstein RSR, HD, and Sport shocks.

Also available Super Extended Length Upper Perches for '65-'71 cars.

Spring Dividers

Spring dividers are used between main and helper springs (or tender springs). They keep both springs properly aligned and centered on the shock/strut body.

Made from 6061 aluminum and hard anodized for durable good looks.

Sold in pairs, available for 2.25" and 2.5" springs.

Spring Dividers

Spring Seat Bearings

Front struts actually wind up the coilover spring with steering action. This can make steering feel very heavy as the spring fights to re-center the steering.

These spring seat bearings are installed between the upper perch and the spring. Needle bearings prevent the coil windup, and lighten the steering feel.

For maximum performance, use them on rear coilovers too. Coil springs rotate slightly when compressed.

Seat bearings relieve the compression windup, preventing the spring from bowing or binding. They allow spring perches to rotate easily for adjustment.

Sold as a kit of two bearings and four thrust rings.

Spring Seat Bearings

Spring Seat Adaptors

Spring seat adaptors allow fitment of 2.5" springs to perches and dividers designed for 2.25" springs. Lightweight and tough, these adaptors provide flexibility to mix 2.5" and 2.25" components.

Sold each.

Spring Seat Adaptors

Height Adjusters

Height adjusters act as the lower perch on threaded body lover shocks and struts. RSR struts and shocks use a pair of threaded rings that can be tightened against each other like a jam nut to secure height setting.

Height Adjusters

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Coilover Hardware

Rear coil over upper spring perch for 2.25 - PAIR


Front coil over upper spring perch for 2.25 - PAIR


Spring Dividers - sold as pair


Spring Seat Bearings


Spring seat bearing kit for 2.25" springs, pair

Spring Seat Adaptors


Spring seat adaptor TO fit 2.5" spring to 2.25" seat, one

Height Adjusters - Sold as Pair


For fitting 2.25" springs to RSR shocks/struts

Package Total

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