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Weather Sealed Monoballs

For Porsche 964/965

Monoballs - deliver precise, razor sharp handling. But rapid wear has made them impractical for all but the most serious racers.

Not anymore.

Weather Seals - Our proprietary-design monoball cartridges have weather seals to keep dirt out and extend product life. This is the only Monoball suitable for street or extended track use. Dirt and water contaminate ordinary products and accelerate wear.

Performance - Today’s sticky tire compounds generate corner loads that easily compress factory rubber bushings causing wandering alignment settings. Camber and toe flop around upredictably.

Weather-Sealed Monoball Cartridges replace compliant factory rubber bushings with hardened-steel spherical bearings. Unlike poly bushings that bind and resist movement, true spherical bearings allow free motion on multiple axis.

Spring Plate Bushing Replacement Kit

Now over 20 years old, 964 Spring plate bushings are beginning to fail.

Our bushing replacement kit allows you to restore your original spring plates, without the high cost of complete replacement plates. Our product is modeled after the factory original bushings and similarly includes a spherical bearing encased in an outer elastomeric layer. The elastomeric layer provides noise and vibration isolation, similar to the OEM components.

964 Spring Plate

Spring Plates are not included. For reference only.

964 Spring Plate Monoballs

Our bushing replacement kit includes fully sealed monoball cartridges featuring maintenance free PTFE linings that require no lubrication. The cartridges are encased in an elastomeric layer that is slightly firmer than stock to improve performance, reducing deflection under load while maintaining the noise isolation characteristics of the original rubber. Weather seals keep dirt out and extend product life.

Fits all 964 and 965, Order 1 kit per car.

Part No.OEM EquivalentFitConfiguration
2260004'89 - '94

Protected by US Patent 7,325,796

Front lower control arm monoball kit

Complete kit for the front lower control arms. Includes weather-sealed monoball cartridge replacements for both the front and rear bushings of the front control arms. Includes 4 cartridges, instructions, and press tools to facilitate removal and installation.

Order 1 kit per car.

Fits all 964 including turbos.

Part No.OEM EquivalentFitConfiguration
2260000'89 - '98

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Weather-sealed Monoballs

Lower front control arm set


Order 1 kit per car

Spring Plate Bushing Replacement Kit


Fits 89-94 964 and 965

Package Total

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