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QuickChange™ Strut Brace System

For Porsche 964

Expandable, quick removal and installation

Our unique QuickChange™ strut-brace system is available in two configurations and is expandable to grow with your needs. Quick release pins let you remove or reconfigure in minutes.

911 935 Brace Shannon - NZ, 911 935 Brace

"I have installed your 935 brace and it looks amazing, really happy with the quality." Shannon in NZ - 911 935 Brace


Expandable - Start with a single-bar strut tower brace and later scale up to a full-blown X-brace, the system is completely upgradable. Grow or reconfigure your brace to match your changing needs for chassis rigidity, storage capacity, and budget.

Quick Release - Tubes are secured with quick release pins, each held in place by a detent ball. Quick Release pins allow fast, tool-less removal for service access or expanded stowage capacity.

Build Quality - Truly awesome appearance matches the functionality. Oversized aluminum tubing has a beefy, stout appearance yet remains lightweight and has a purposeful frosted anodize finish. CNC machined billet aluminum clevis ends are anodized a tasteful burgundy color.

All configurations are completely bolt-in, no welding required.

QuickChange Strut Brace video

Start with the single bar configuration, upgraded to x-brace later by simply adding components. No throwaways!

Part No.OEM EquivalentFitConfiguration
2162210'90 - '94 Single Bar
2162211'90 - '94 935 X-brace
2162212'90 - '94 X-brace add-on upgrade

Single Bar Struts

Single Bar - The foundation of the system, the single bar connects the strut towers together for reduced flex.

935 x brace

X Brace - Inspired by the chassis braces used on 935 race cars, the X brace increases chassis torsional rigidity. Completely bolt on, it attaches to the camber plates and the front corners of the trunk.

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Complete Strut Brace Kits

Single Bar QuickChange strut brace


Porsche 964

935 X QuickChange Strut Brace


Porsche 964

Upgrade Strut Brace Kits

X-brace add-on upgrade


for QuickChange single bar strut brace

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