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Strut Shortening Wiper Seals

For Porsche 911/912/930

Replace your worn out wiper seals with our shortening kit.

Lowering car reduces the travel range of the shock/strut. Shocks with limited range of travel have a tendency to bottom out more often while driven hard or under poor road conditions. This translates to ride harshness.

These wiper seals shorten struts by 3/4 inch and add much needed travel.

Have us install the shortening wipers along with other strut modification services.Shock body shortening services are also available.

Note: Only for later style Bilstein struts with green seal holders, as pictured above. Earlier style struts with zinc coated 5/8" holders require further strut modifications. Please call for more information.

Part No.OEM EquivalentFitConfiguration
2280905'69 - '89Late Bilstein Struts Only

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Strut Shortening Wiper Seals


for Late Bilstein Struts Only, with Green holders as pictured

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