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Swaybar Accessories

For Porsche 911/912/930 & 914

These accessories will help you complete your Porsche 911 series and 914 sway bar installation and ensure a sturdy and durable setup.

"U" Tab Kit

Required when installing many thru-body type front sway bars onto cars originally equipped with an under-body type sway bar. U tabs are welded to stock control arms in place of the 'loop' style bushing holders used on cars originally equipped with under body type front sway bars. Sold as a pair.

Not required for our Blade Type Sway bars

Part No. OEM Equivalent Fit Config
2270025 '69 - '89

U Tab Brackets

Backer Plate Kit

Required for Adjustable sway bars when installed on cars not originally equipped with a through body sway bar. These plates fit to the back side of the wheel well and distribute the sway bar load to prevent tearing. Generally required for all 911/912/914/930 from '74-'89. Sold as a pair.

Part No. OEM Equivalent Fit Config
2270024 '74 - '89

Backer Plate Kit

Rear Sway Bar Mount

Stock 911 rear sway bar mounts have a nasty habit of tearing away from the body. Stiff sway bars and aggressive driving only accelerate the inevitable mount failure. Replace your mounts with these super strong aftermarket mounts and solve the problem for good. Requires grinding off the factory mounts and welding for installation. Fits all 911/912/930 through '89. Sold as a pair

Part No. OEM Equivalent Fit Config
1-91150198300 911 501 983 00 '65 - '89

Rear Sway Bar Mount

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Sway Bar Accessories

"U" Tab kit


'74-'89 911/912/930 & '69-'76 914

Front swaybar Backer Plate kit


'65-'89 911/912/930, 1 pair

Rear sway bar mounts


'65-'89 911/912/930

Package Total

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