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Hollow Adjustable Sway Bars

For Porsche 911/912/930

Hollow Adjustable Sway Bar for Porsche 911/912/930

Hollow Adjustable Sway Bar System

Conventional design and top quality make this the affordable choice for high performance and adjustment.


Hollow bars weigh half as much as similar solid bars delivering equal stiffness.

Broad range of adjustment

Adjustable drop-link arm connections provides continuous positioning for infinitely variable adjustment.


Drop links

Left and right threaded precision rod ends make easy work of adjusting front drop link length. Adjustable length makes it easy to eliminate any preload on the bar. Teflon lined rod ends never require lubrication. 

Drop Links


Teflon impregnated bushings are grease and maintenance free and provide smooth operation and long life. 

Front Sway Bar

Front Sway Bar

Rear Sway Bar

Rear Sway Bar

Through-body style front bar

Installs through the body same as the pre-1974 cars and the early turbo cars. Cars not originally equipped with a through-body sway should purchase the optional backer plate kit. 

U Brackets

Cars without the "U" style drop link attachment on the control arms must purchase and install the "U" tab kit.

Part No.OEM EquivalentFitConfiguration
1-FSBA22'65 - '89Front
1-RSBA22SWB911-333-701-10'65 - '68Rear
1-RSBA22E911-333-701-10'69 - '77Rear
1-RSBA22L911-333-701-10'78 - '89Rear

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Hollow Adjustable Sway Bar

Front Basic Adjustable Swaybar


Front 65-89 911/912/914/930

Rear Adjustable Swaybar Kit


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"U" Tab kit


74-89 911/912/914/930

Front swaybar Backer Plate kit


65-89 911/912/914/930 1 pair

Rear sway bar mounts


65-89 911/912/930

Package Total

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