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For Porsche 964

Control body roll, adjust for over/under steer and manage tire contact patch by upgrading swaybars.

Adjustable Swaybars

Adjustable swaybars allow you to easily adjust understeer/oversteer and roll stiffness. A great upgrade for cars used on both street and track.

Part No.Stock EquivalentFitConfiguration
1-96434370770964 343 707 70'90 - '94 C2 only, front, 24mm
1-96433370170 964 333 701 70 '90 - '94 C2 and C4, 18mm rear


Porsche 964 rear swaybar

Adjustable Drop Links

For Porsche 964

The ideal swaybar is completely unloaded at static ride height. Stock drops links almost always preload the swaybar since the car doesn't sit perfectly level due to asymmetries such as driver weight.

Our front and rear adjustable-length drop links for C4/C2 allow you to eliminate preload of the swaybar for maximum performance.

A preloaded swaybar shifts the weight carried by each of the tires, increasing grip on weighted tires at the expense of decreasing grip on un-weighted tires. This shifted weight/grip causes uneven handling in left and right turns, and premature brake lockup since the less-loaded tire locks up first. Preload can be completely eliminated by adjusting drop link length and swaybar performance optimized.

  • Maintenance-free precision rod ends
  • Weather-sealed
  • Direct Bolt-on replacement

Lowering a vehicle increases cornering ability, improves responsiveness, and decreases lap times but when you lower a car without adding adjustable swaybar drop links you won't take full advantage of the other components and the ride quality won't be as good as you were expecting.

When you lower a vehicle, the suspension geometry is changed between the unsprung components and the components mounted to the chassis... the swaybar is a perfect example. In a factory setup the swaybar works as part of an optimized system to handle the daily driving needs off the assembly line for most people. When you lower a car but retain your factory drop-links you will end up with a harsh ride, poor cornering, squeaks, binding, and other issues because the swaybar will be positioned incorrectly and will be trying to work as part of the old factory suspension setup which means working against your new custom suspension.

This adjustable drop-link kit allows you to connect the swaybar properly with zero pre-load for corrected geometry and a completed professional installation. For a daily driver this means better handling and a better ride quality every day. For a track car it means you have the ability to take full advantage of corner-weighting for increased cornering response, increased predictability, less driver fatigue, and the ability to make changes as track and vehicle setup variables change.

Part No. OEM Equivalent Fit Configuration
2271011   '89-'94 C4/C2 Front
2271010   '89-'94 C4/C2 Rear

993 C4 and C2 adjustable drop links 993 adjustable front drop links

Porsche 964 adjustable rear drop links

Stock Drop Links

For Porsche 964

Drop links are exposed to heavy cornering loads and stress due to steering action. As the joints wear, you may experience excess noise, loss of roll stiffness and failure. Replace them with these stock drop links to restore original performance and ride quality.

Part No. OEM Equivalent Fit Configuration
1-96434306901 964 343 069 01 '89-'94 Front C4/C2 Left non-M030
1-96434307001 964 343 070 01 '89-'94 Front C4/C2 Right non-M030
1-96433307301 964 333 073 01 '89-'94 Rear C4/C2 Left
1-96433307401 964 333 074 01  '89-'94 Rear C4/C2 Right

964 C4 and C2 front stock drop links

Rubber Swaybar Bushings

For Porsche 964

Replace old, worn out sway bar bushings with a set of stock rubber bushings.

Choose from Stock (non M030 suspension upgrade) or euro GT3 street bushings.

Available for front and rear sway bars.

  • Rubber maintains factory ride comfort
  • Genuine Porsche Bushings
  • Easy & direct bolt-on replacement
Part No. OEM Equivalent Fit Configuration
1-96434379220 964 343 792 20 '89-'94 Standard Front 20mm
1-96434379222 964 343 792 22 '89-'94 C4/C2 Front Stock & M030 22mm
1-96434379207 964 343 792 07 '89-'94 Euro RS Front 24.1mm
1-477411313B 477 411 313 B '89-'94 C4/C2 Rear RS 18mm
1-477411313C 477 411 313 C '91-'94 C2 Rear, Manual Trans & C4 M030 20mm

964 C4 and C2 swaybar bushings

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RS Front 24mm swaybar, 5-Position adjustable


For Porsche 964

RS Rear 18mm swaybar, 3-Position adjustable


For Porsche 964

Swaybar Drop Links

Front Drop Links For 964 C4 / C2


Rear Drop Links For 964 C4 / C2


Swaybar Bushings

Front Swaybar Bushings


Rear Swaybar Bushings


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