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Swaybar Drop links

For Porsche 991

The ideal swaybar is completely unloaded at static ride height. Stock drops links almost always preload the swaybar since the car doesn't sit perfectly level due to asymmetries such as driver weight.

Our front and rear adjustable-length drop links for C4/C2 allow you to eliminate preload of the swaybar for maximum performance.

A preloaded swaybar shifts the weight carried by each of the tires, increasing grip on weighted tires at the expense of decreasing grip on un-weighted tires. This shifted weight/grip causes uneven handling in left and right turns, and premature brake lockup since the less-loaded tire locks up first. Preload can be completely eliminated by adjusting drop link length and swaybar performance optimized.

Part No. OEM Equivalent Fit Configuration
2271003   '12+ 991 C4/C2 Front non-PDCC
2271004   '12+ 991 C4/C2 Rear

991 front C4 and C2 adjustable drop links

991 rear C4 and C2 adjustable drop links

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Swaybar Drop Links

991 Front Adjustable Drop Links


'12+ C4 & C2 non-PDCC, sold as pair

991 Rear Adjustable Drop Links


'12+ C4 & C2, sold as pair

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