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QuickChange Hollow Torsion Bars

For Porsche 944

QuickChange Torsion Bars

Our QuickChange Hollow torsion bars are the best available and for use in combination with our QuickChange Spring Plate only. The ends are plugged to prevent moisture entry that rots ordinary hollow bars from the inside out. The entire bar is zinc plated for superior protection.

Excellent quality control means proper spline fit and spring-rate consistency bar-to-bar. Inferior quality competing bars fail on all counts.

QuickChange Torsion Bars are Plated & Plugged and include a female threaded end that you can engage with a bolt to use as a handle for easier extraction / insertion.

  • • Hollow, light weight
  • • Consistent spring rate
  • • Great spline fit

QuickChange Torsion Bars are for use only in combination with our QuickChange Spring Plate products for fast torsion re-indexing. QuickChange Torsion Bars can be extracted through the QuickChange Spring Plate without removing any bolts. Rotate the bar to re-index, then re-insert. Alignment settings are maintained.

Hollow bars provide a nice weight savings over equivalent spring rate solid bars, especially true of the heavier rear bars. This is a great way to trim extra pounds from the back of your car.

The size given is a solid-bar-equivalent. Actual hollow bar measures about .5mm larger

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Torsion Bars

QuickChange rear torsion bar - pair


For Porsche 944

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